Seeing Without Your Shadow


Are we still capable of existing in harmony within a landscape or does our technology make us alien to our own surroundings? Instead of holding a flashlight to extend our poor nocturnal vision, the illuminated figure has become the flashlight – a literal embodiment of technological progression. Its radiance distorts the landscape such that it can never see it’s own shadow. The figure has become its own sun, the centre of its universe. Wondering through landscapes, the figure is searching for something, yet despite radiating thousands of lumens, it remains oddly blind. Light can be seen as a form of communication, transmitting energy and embedded knowledge through space. This light, just like heating on frozen winter nights, is essential for survival. While light and heat act as an armour, insulating our fragile human form from the hostility of the external world, it can also insulate us from our surroundings and each other. The figure’s only option is to engage the world through the optical distortions of its illuminated armour. To what extent does a flashlight obscure while helping to illuminate?