Something like a mirror

Something Like a Mirror

Video Installation

33' Loop


Installed at ArtLab Gallery - Western University

A Research-Creation Exhibition linked with Western University and Environment and Climate Change Canada's Northern Tornado Project

A mass of swirling energy is viewed in a secure room through a portal. The architecture that protects us from the external turbulence also divides us, prioritizing vision and aesthetics above other senses which can not hear, smell or feel this energy. Within this architecture the clouds become a spectacle, something external and objectified to revel in the symbolic power of nature. These constructed spaces and divided frames of reference amplify a disconnectedness which ultimately exacerbates environmental imbalances. These imbalances such as global warming make weather more powerful and the spectacle even more spectacular. Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 film Solaris depicts a cosmonaut’s interaction with a disembodied consciousness that exists within the turbulence of a distant planet’s atmosphere. They too gazed through their portal at the aesthetics of clouds but were not afforded the security of dividing themselves from the act of looking and the act of feeling. Perhaps the sublime thrill of witnessing the kinetic power of a cloud system is derived not from witnessing an external spectacle of wind and water but witnessing something uncannily similar to ourselves.